Fascias – it’s what’s inside that counts
In the latest issue of our guest magazine, we focus on our bodies’ ‘shock absorber’ and largest sensory organ: the fascia. Its significance to human health and fitness has been undervalued for far too long, and we’re doing our bit to redress the balance. In addition, you’ll find easy fascia training exercises – perfect for a quick break in the office and at home.

Miracle herbs
From mugwort to birch to nettles, many herbs and wild plants have incredible healing properties. Our herb expert explains how to put together your own natural medicine cabinet, and shares some of her favourite recipes for making the most beneficial use of its contents.

Take a walk on the wild side!
From stuffy pastime to trendy outdoor pursuit: more and more people are lacing up their walking boots and following the call of the mountains. In the new ParkZeit, our sports scientist and hiking guide Teresa Wiedemayr explains why walking works, tells us how best to go about it, and recommends the finest walks around Park Igls.


Breakfast like a king?
There are innumerable proverbs and sayings that capture one of the most contentious issues in nutritional medicine: does breakfast make us ill – or is it the most important meal of the day? We face the facts, offering a critical evaluation of eating in the morning, and its physical effects.

Also in the new ParkZeit: hypno-acupuncture, endoscopies for cancer screening, The Mayr Way to Better Golf by Minty Clinch, ladies’ golf at Park Igls, as well as everything you always wanted to know about eating fat, and why it doesn’t deserve its bad reputation…
…last but not least: our ten golden rules of motivation – an instruction manual for life.

The latest edition of ParkZeit is available online. Read it, and spring into summer feeling fitter and stronger!

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