Medical services Wechselbeschwerden lindern

Menopause at Park Igls

What happens when hormones wreak havoc? The experts discuss how to manage the menopause and survive ‘the change’. Hot flushes, difficulty sleeping, lethargy and reduced concentration, loss of libido, weight gain and hair loss… the…
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Medical services Die Mayr-Therapie steigert die Fruchtbarkeit

Infertility at Park Igls

The underlying causes of infertility exposed. What happens when hormones go out of whack?  Hormones play a powerful role in the female body – they are responsible for regulating menstruation, fertility and growth and can…
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Medical services Food for back pain 11 top diet tips to combat musculoskeletal problems

Food for back pain

And food for thought Dr Irene Brunhuber on nutrition and back health Back pain is one of the banes of modern life. Most of us lead sedentary existences and will, at some point, be given…
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Exercise & fitness Hilfe bei Rückenschmerzen Diagnose & Therapien Park Igls Tirol

Back pain relief

Back pain: here’s how to maintain a healthy back for a happy life Get moving! Exercise is the best therapy and prevention for back pain Anatomically, we are not all that different from our ancestor…
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News Hilfe bei Winterdepression Park Igls Mayr Clinic

Autumn and winter depression

Top self-help tips Our Mayr psychologists share their blues-busting tips The autumn and winter blues can creep in as temperatures drop, the days gets shorter and mornings gloomier. Depression takes hold of its victims, making…
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Exercise & fitness Park-Igls_Parkzeit Autumn-2019-2020

The new ParkZeit is here

Back to basics: keep moving Back pain is one of today’s most common health problems, affecting around four out of five adults in our sedentary society. Slouching, poor posture, lack of exercise and excess weight…
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News Salat – gruene Portion Gesundheit Park Igls Gesundheitszentrum Tirol Austria 1

Summer salad recipes based on Modern Mayr cuisine

A green and delicious helping of health Nothing symbolises summer, joie de vivre and freshness as much as salad. Crunchy, light and seasoned with sunshine, salads are the epitome of healthy eating. However, for the…
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Exercise & fitness Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe Feldenkrais Park Igls Gesundheitszentrum Tirol Austria 1

Feldenkrais® – helping us to help ourselves

Learn new patterns of movement, thinking and being It’s Friday and I’ve decided to try Feldenkrais®, which is offered at Park Igls as part of their exercise programme. ‘To effect change we must be willing…
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News Tatler Spa Guide 2019 SPA Gesundheitszentrum Park Igls Tirol Austria

Tatler Spa Guide 2019

Park Igls one the world’s best spas! Mental and emotional balance, good health, slenderness, detox and fitness are today’s prime parameters – with equilibrium, fitness and stress relief being high up on most people’s wish…
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