In today’s society, more and more people need to learn how to relieve stress. They live their lives at a tremendous pace, faced with constantly mounting pressures both at work and in what little leisure time they have. Burnout has become widespread, with statistics showing an astonishing rise in depression and psychosomatic disorders. Thomas Blasbichler, a clinical and health psychologist at Park Igls explains the facts: ‘Psychological disorders are widespread. Studies show that one in three Europeans suffers from one episode per year of psychological problems such as anxiety or depression. For years, health insurance companies have been pointing to the rise in burnout-related sick days, while employee organisations and unions have condemned the unreasonable demands placed on the working population, and sociologists warn of increasing alienation and the psychosocial consequences of globalisation and labour market flexibilisation.’ Dr Melanie Robertson, Clinical, neuro and health psychologist, emergency and sports psychologist at the Park Igls adds, ‘As a society, we have certainly become more conscious of psychological disorders over the last few years. This has removed some of the stigma, but psychological disorders are still not considered to be as serious as physical problems.’ Although statistics show that more people are visiting doctors for help with psychological disorders. ‘Nevertheless, exhaustion can lead to disorders such as depression, anxiety and substance abuse. It is important to take seriously any related symptoms to avoid further health deterioration’, Dr Robertson emphasises.

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It is inevitable that psychological stresses are reflected on our body. However, these can often last for weeks, months or even years and weaken our immune system leaving our body sensitive to external influences. Many illnesses are now attributed to stress, from persistent headaches to chronic itching and back pain, even heart attacks and some forms of cancer. However, with the help of Modern Mayr Medicine (e.g. sports and proper nutrition) at Park Igls, one can learn how to relieve stress.

stress management Mayr Clinic Park Igls in Igls Innsbruck Tyrol Austria

Stress management in the Park Igls

  • Identify stress triggers, then make feasible adjustments
  • Focus on enjoyment
  • Top up your energy reserves
  • Learn how to set realistic targets and concentrate on the things you can control

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Tips on how to relieve stress

  • Schedule regular periods away from your mobile phone
  • Restrict your email sessions to certain times of the day.
  • Build moments of enjoyment into your everyday life – people usually associate this with chocolate or alcohol, but don’t forget your other senses!
  • Believe in yourself!
  • Listen to your body!

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Mayr De-Stress

  • The Basic Programme
  • 2 craniosacral therapy sessions (50 mins each)
  • 2 talk therapy/coaching sessions (50 mins each)
  • 3 combination heat packs (hay flowers and moor)
  • 4 partial body massages – primarily acupressure & connective tissue massages
    (25 mins each)
  • 1 metabolic detox bath

from €2,923 per person for 1 week