Spring is the ideal time to take a fresh look at diet, detox and health. Our Detox on the Run treatment module has been carefully curated as a spring clean for body, mind and your fitness regime! Whether you’re giving up certain foods over Lent, rethinking lifestyle and dietary choices, or you would like to up your workout game, Park Igls is the perfect place to do it!Parkhotel-Igls_Markus-Sorg_01

Exercise is an essential component of Modern Mayr Medicine, and therefore an important part of our Detox on the Run module. Working out in the fresh air and inspiring surroundings of the Tyrolean mountains leave guests feeling refreshed and revitalised after just one week. Join us for a time-out, kickstart your body and mind cleanse, and look forward to feeling healthier long after you’ve left us!

Our beauty treatments go hand in hand with the detox and regeneration process. When you visit the salon at Park Igls, highly skilled therapists conduct a detailed analysis to identify your individual needs for a personalised care package. Treatments help activate your body’s energy stores and work holistically – benefiting skin, promoting recuperation and relaxing body and mind.

The glorious mountains, crystal clear air, brilliant blue skies and nature in all its beauty are the backdrop for a healthy holiday at Park Igls. Treat yourself to a Modern Mayr wellbeing and personal training break this spring!

26 December 2016 to 16 December 2017

  • The Basic Programme
  • 1 bioimpedance measurement (lean tissue, water and body fat)
  • 1 personal training session (50 mins)
  • 3 personal training sessions (25 mins each)
  • 1 personal training plan to follow at home
  • 3 partial body massages (25 mins each)
  • 2 full body massages (50 mins each)
  • €1,454 for 1 week, excluding accommodation.