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Holistic regeneration

The latest scientific and therapeutic approaches


In a world that never seems to settle down, sleeping appears like an untimely need. And yet, a good night's sleep is an efficient and valuable source of energy that has no substitute.

Back pain relief

What can you do to relieve back pain? What are the causes? Holistic diagnosis and therapy at the Park Igls Mayr clinic in Tyrol, pioneer of Modern Mayr Medicine.

Improve your health and fitness!

You’ve probably heard of boot camps; perhaps you’ve even participated in one. Higher, faster, further is the name of the game with the fitness trend that grew out of harsh US military-style exercise regimes. It is an extreme approach to exercise that tests – and even goes beyond – physical and mental limits. In [...]

How to relieve stress with Mayr

In today's society, more and more people need to learn how to relieve stress. They live their lives at a tremendous pace, faced with constantly mounting pressures both at work and in what little leisure time they have. Burnout has become widespread, with statistics showing an astonishing rise in depression and psychosomatic disorders. Thomas [...]

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