ParkZeit 2021

Get fit and informed: New ParkZeit 2021

Take a deep breath and stride confidently towards a new normal with the new edition of our guest magazine: ParkZeit 2021. We use solid and reliable information to answer the questions on everybody’s mind. Find out: how and why vaccinations work; what can be done so that the lungs recover quickly after a COVID infection? And how you can programme the psyche for a healthy, active and happy life – despite all life’s stresses and strains.

Gesundheitszentrum Park Igls in Tirol

Park Igls: a COVID-free zone

Thanks to the combination of health retreat with medical outpatient clinic, Park Igls is exempt from lockdown in order to maintain necessary health care. An exemplary safety concept creates a safe environment for the wide range of medical services that make a significant contribution to maintaining health and strengthening our immune system. In the past few months, many guests have managed to take a break from pandemic woes and forget their fears and worries for a short time.

Gesundheitszentrum Park Igls in Tirol
Gesundheitszentrum Park Igls in Tirol

Recover from long COVID

If you are chronically tired after having COVID, feel weak and powerless, suffer from annoying headaches or a stubborn dry cough, then take a look at our special diagnostics and therapy module: Fit after COVID. Our specialists at Park Igls use a holistic approach to help guests to quickly achieve a better quality of life. In addition to a medical examination and lung function test, this package also includes physiotherapy and exercise therapy assessments. A specific blood test to check for cardiac muscle damage, which can sometimes be a consequence of COVID, concludes the diagnostic package.

Gesundheitszentrum Park Igls in Tirol
Breathe in, breathe out

Dr Gartner and pulmonary consultant Dr Duftner discuss the respiratory system and how we can protect ourselves from COVID, COPD & Co. This also helps us keep body and mind healthy, and Dr Kogelnig explains the benefits of outdoor exercise, especially in the mountains. In the new ParkZeit 2021 discover the four mainstays to maintaining healthy lungs and preventing infection. Our experts also explain the differences between bronchitis and COPD and why nine out of ten psychosomatic diseases manifest in the lungs, skin and gut. Discover what it means when the psyche signals: ‘this situation is smothering me’.

NEW: The Park Igls Mayr book

Following the Mayr principle of ‘well chewed is half digested’, the doctors, therapists and experts at Park Igls have published a delectable book which serves up Modern Mayr Medicine, our therapeutic programmes and healthy lifestyle tips in small, enticing portions. The new book provides background information on Mayr, in addition to Mayr recipes, and clears up numerous diet and exercise myths. Take a look at the book: An easy-to-digest, charming read with plenty of entertainment, wit and valuable knowledge.

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Gesundheitszentrum Park Igls in Tirol
Gesundheitszentrum Park Igls in Tirol
Think positive!

The Park Igls health resort’s psychologists, Dr Melanie Robertson and Thomas Blasbichler (MA) discuss the issues surrounding positive thinking and positive psychology – and share how we can focus on what’s good in our lives, without losing sight of the reality.

Happiness programmes for body and mind

Moderate exercise, as recommended by sport and exercise medicine (SEM) specialists, has a positive effect on both the physical and psychological immune systems. Dr Richard Kogelnig, Deputy Medical Director at the Park Igls health retreat, explains how exercising outdoors reduces the risk of tumours, brings infection rates down and strengthens the whole body – inside and out. Dr Kogelnig compares being in nature with a symphony of the most varied of sensory qualities. All of which are good for the joints and back, especially when hiking, mountaineering, running or cycling and, as a positive side effect, also strengthen our brain and psyche. In his interview he gives decisive advice on what to pay attention to when choosing outdoor activities and reveals why he is a big outdoor fan himself.

When we exercise

  • Our circulation is stimulated

  • Our muscles are doing what they were designed for

  • Our joints are lubricated

  • The cocktail of chemical messengers circulating in both our body, and – more importantly – our brain, is balanced

  • Our emotions are positively affected

  • Our mood is further enhanced because we have done something good for ourselves

In the new edition of ParkZeit 2021, sports scientist and exercise therapist Maximilian Stangl reveals valuable tips for beginners and popular walking tours around Park Igls. Whether you prefer a leisurely or a challenging tour, if you’re an ambitious or less sure-footed hiker, there’s a route for all fitness levels. The cocktail of nature, air and movement will boost happiness and lead us back to our roots as hunters and gatherers.

Gesundheitszentrum Park Igls in Tirol
ParkZeit topics
  • Park Igls: COVID-free zone
    One step ahead and fit for the future

  • Vaccines: light at the end of the tunnel
    How innoculation works

  • Breathe well
    Protect yourself from COPD, COVID & Co

  • Fit after Covid
    Purge the post-COVID syndrome

  • Our new book
    The new Park Igls Mayr guide

  • Moving mountains
    Boost the immune system and feel great

  • Outdoor fitness
    The programme for a happier body and mind

  • To eat is human
    5 nutritional myths and fallacies

  • A brighter outlook
    The power of positive thinking

  • Feldenkrais® and Yoga Weeks
    Gentle exercise specials with added value for the mind


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Be active, healthy and happy. The spring/summer edition of ParkZeit 2021 accompanies, informs and sharpens the senses for all the essential values in life.