From sleep coaching to a new treatment for Parkinson’s Disease, the latest issue of ParkZeit, the guest magazine of the Park Igls Mayr Clinic, is packed with the latest treatments available and tips from Modern Mayr Medicine for a healthy lifestyle.

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Sleep is a big topic in this edition – and with around half of the world’s population now suffering with sleep disorders, it’s a growing problem. Find out why sleep disorders are not to be taken lightly, the warning signs you should be looking out for and how the Park Igls is tackling the problem with its sleep coaching packages. Psychologist and sleep expert Melanie Robertson and sleep specialist Jörg Duftner also shares their top tips for getting a restful night.

With winter on the way, Chef Markus Sorg takes us through the eight immune-boosting spices he uses in his Modern Mayr cuisine dishes. As well as tasting good they have a wide range of health benefits, from cleansing the blood to tackling winter colds and fevers. Also on the menu are the freshest ingredients, sourced from local, sustainable producers. Sorg shares a recipe for his delicious saddle of venison with wholemeal Serviettenknödel (bread dumplings) for you to try at home.

Exercise is another way to boost your immune system and a central element of Modern Mayr Medicine. Sports expert and Head of Exercise Therapy, Michael Multerer, explains how to get the most from the wide range of fitness options available at the Park Igls – from Nordic walking and aqua jogging to yoga and snowshoeing – and gives five simple exercises that anyone can do.

If you suffer from postural problems or reduced movement, structural core therapy can help through a combination of holistic bodywork and fascia therapy. This innovative treatment was developed by American biochemist Ida Rolf – find out what it involves and how it can prevent tension and pain. Also discover why abdominal treatments are a core feature of every Mayr programme and how they can improve digestion, blood flow and even breathing.

Latest neuroscientific findings have proven what Mayr physicians have long suspected: degenerative nervous system diseases like Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis originate in the gut. The new treatment module Neuro@Mayr tackles them from the source and has already shown extremely positive results. Another health problem being tackled in this issue which originates in the gut are migraines, a painful condition affecting 10% of the population. Dr Richard Kogelnig, Deputy Medical Director, explains how the Park Igls can treat and prevent migraines through a combination of diet and acupuncture.

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