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Diabetes is the world’s most widespread lifestyle disease: the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) expects that, by 2030, 35 million people in the United States and over ten million in Germany will suffer from diabetes.

The metabolism

Did you know that zero-calories fasting leads to a starvation response and reduces metabolism? This places considerable strain on the body, and skyrocketing weight gain once fasting has ended.


In a world that never seems to settle down, sleeping appears like an untimely need. And yet, a good night's sleep is an efficient and valuable source of energy that has no substitute.

Oral hygiene

Healthy teeth are beautiful and do not cause pain. But that the care of teeth and oral cavity can help prevent infections such as Covid-19, is already less known.

kitchen trend II

Part II of our small series of articles about fermenting. We give you a short tutorial on how to do it yourself and make a plea for sauerkraut and kimchi. And we reveal which vegetables you should start with when fermenting.

Kitchen trend I

Preserving, drying and pickling: What once belonged to the kitchen ABCs of our grandmothers is now trendy like never before. One of these preservation techniques is fermentation, which is experiencing a veritable renaissance.

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