Trampoline training with bellicon® has recently been added to the activity and exercise programme at the Park Igls Mayr clinic. It fits really well with Modern Mayr Medicine’s principle of gentle exercise, and makes people smile – and that is the best medicine after all!

Today’s trampolines dispense with metal springs and instead are made with highly elastic rubber rings that allow the elasticity to adapt to body weight and dynamics. This means it’s gentle on joints and extremely beneficial to motor control. Just five minutes of regular training per day is enough to achieve noticeable effects in a short time.

The cardiovascular system and all muscles are strengthened, balance is improved, the cellular metabolism is activated, the lymphatic drainage is stimulated and the immune system is boosted, posture is improved, knee and hip joints are relieved and the pelvic floor is toned. In addition, it is a joint-and back-friendly training, it prevents osteoporosis and the mini-trampoline is considered an excellent training tool for people with Parkinson’s disease.

In addition to the activation of every muscle, tendon and cell in the body. Trampolining motivates the adrenal glands to produce happiness hormones. Simply put: exercising on a mini trampoline makes you happy!

The upward swinging motion relieves strain on the spine and joints – landing back on the trampoline causes the body to contract gently, with no negative effects on your spine and joints. This alternation of tension and relaxation means that the intervertebral discs can soak up the fluid they need for their cushioning function and thus they too can remain (or become) healthy and supple. The expansion and contraction of the body is echoed throughout the body’s organs and cells. No other form of exercise offers such gentle yet effective cellular training for the whole body!

Basic position for all bellicon® mini trampoline exercises

– Stand barefoot on the trampoline with legs hip-width apart
– Bend the knees slightly – but don’t let them cover the tips of your toes
– Push your bottom back – just a touch!
– Tense up abdomen and buttocks
– Keep your back straight and pull your shoulders back and downwards
– Chest out, head up and tip of your nose pointing straight ahead

It’s a good idea to try the first exercise units with the help of an experienced instructor.

Last but not least: enjoy!

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