The latest issue of ParkZeit magazine commemorates the Park Igls Mayr clinic’s 25th birthday with a celebratory look back on a quarter century of medical and diagnostic milestones.

Founded by Dr Martin Winkler and further developed by Dr Peter Gartner, Modern Mayr Medicine offers a holistic therapy unlike any other approach to health. In our new edition of ParkZeit, Drs Winkler and Gartner look back on the last 25 years, reminiscing on the early days, the massive opposition from leading Mayr physicians of the time, the independent and innovative direction they took and finally, the development of Modern Mayr cuisine.

Head Chef Markus Sorg highlights the importance of Modern Mayr cuisine in his article, ‘Good food for a healthy life’. If you’ve ever had the good fortune to sample his culinary art you’ll know that our eight-stage nutritional plan of diet-appropriate dishes not only meets Modern Mayr cuisine’s core requirement of detoxifying the digestive system, but is sophisticated and delightful too! This cutting-edge, preventive nutritional diet forms the basis of our therapeutic approach. Modern Mayr Medicine dieting is not about self-denial, starving yourself or calorie-counting; instead the Mayr clinic Tyrol’s concept of nutrition emphasises lifestyle changes: ‘it’s about living healthily for the long term, cutting out things that are bad for us, but without sacrificing the pleasures of good food!’

Another pleasure to be had at Park Igls is taking a stroll in the Mayr clinic’s surroundings, although you may be surprised to learn how important gait is to walking. The ‘wrong’ gait can lead to back and joint problems as well as headaches! OPTOGAIT gait analysis at Park Igls allows us to identify muscular weakness and measure resilience with the help of various exercises. We can therefore draw up personalised physiotherapy and exercise programmes and regularly review results and therapeutic effectiveness.
Medical Director Dr Peter Gartner has also seen superb results with the new Neuro@Mayr programme at the Mayr clinic in Tyrol. Modern Mayr Medicine’s regenerative effect on the neuro-intestinal system combined with targeted physiotherapeutic treatment, neuropsychological coaching, deep-tissue massages and Feldenkrais® improves flexibility and coordination, teaches new ways of moving and offers strategies for making our patients’ day-to-day lives easier.

All these and many other topics in the new ParkZeit promise a stimulating and inspiring read – enjoy!

Mayr Classic

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