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Discover more on immune system boosting with the new Parkzeit

Stagnation is the enemy of the economy, society … and health. A brief hiatus as we embark on a new endeavour is acceptable, but it has to be followed by movement or atrophy sets in. Failure to exercise our muscles, for instance, inevitably causes them to wither. But not only should we exercise for strength but to benefit our immune system too. Park Igls’ Mayr clinic recently developed immune profile testing as well as special compresses which can be extremely helpful, especially during the winter months. Author and speaker Alois Schöpf also raises the question of how life should be lived – let yourself be inspired by his story! We hope you enjoy reading our latest autumn/winter magazine. And remember: stay healthy and keep exercising!

Gesundheitszentrum Park Igls in Tirol
This edition of Parkzeit asked, ‘Do all fats do us harm?’ Park Igls consultant Dr Irene Brunhuber, sheds a little light on fats and their positive aspects, as well as offering valuable advice on how to use them. Discover how much fat we should consume, learn about healthy cholesterol levels and why some people can burn fat quicker than others.
A well-functioning immune system is always a prerequisite for a healthy life – not just during a global pandemic. We have all experienced a rather turbulent year, leaving many of us concerned about our immune system. Modern Mayr Medicine can boost your immune system as more than two-thirds of our defence cells are located in the intestine. Dr Peter Gartner gives his top tips for maintaining a strong immune system.
Lockdown may have made us less active than we had been before but finding new ways to exercise our muscles and keep fit is beneficial, not just for our muscles but our bones too. Our new ParkZeit magazine gives you the best insights to move it or lose it!

  • Get clued up on voluntary and involuntary muscles
  • Take note of exercise tips for healthy muscles
  • Don’t be discouraged by setbacks – keep going! The journey is the destination, and any exercise is better than no exercise.

ParkZeit topics

  • Immunity through action
    Activating our protective shield
  • Happy chewing
    A nutritional journey
  • Fat chance!
    Do all fats do us harm?
  • Move it or lose it
    The complex world of our muscular system
  • Strong, safe and sound
    When osteoporosis affects mobility
  • Finding strength
    How to improve resilience
  • Life on the move
    Stepping towards an active future
  • Wraps, packs and compresses
    Healthy and blissful
  • Myths and legends
    How to live life well
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Do you have a Mayr therapy in your sights? We would be delighted if reading our new ParkZeit inspires you to opt for a healthier, and, above all, more fulfilling way of life! And we cannot wait to look after you at our Park Igls Mayr clinic. See you soon in the heart of the Alps!

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