Pain-free therapy

Laser treatment offers patients at the Parkhotel Igls a pain-free therapeutic option. We have seen some amazing treatment outcomes in the use of laser technology: a perfect complement to Modern Mayr Medicine.

Gentle light therapy helps the healing process, and its range of applications is very broad. Dr Peter Gartner, Medical Director at the Parkhotel Igls, believes lasers are the ‘jack of all trades’ in the world of medicine! ‘The range of medical issues that can now be successfully addressed with laser treatments is fantastically varied. Dermatology, orthopaedics, ear, nose and throat medicine, sports medicine, oncology, radiotherapy and surgery are just a few of the areas I could name. We are treating cold sores, shingles, middle ear infections, sinusitis, bruises, tennis elbow and slow-healing wounds as well as conditions such as arthritis with excellent results. We are also using lasers in the treatment of rheumatic diseases and for pain management.’

Haemo Laser Therapy

‘Low-level laser therapy’ is a balancing form of therapy that is entirely free of side effects: low-energy lasers are directed onto the skin’s upper surface. The blood is irradiated with a very strong, high-energy, red (laser) light beam. This triggers biochemical reactions that boost the metabolism of individual red blood cells, increase oxygen supply, and improve blood circulation. Bound up in this are complex biochemical processes, a whole host of physics, and an even greater amount of high-tech wizardry! Dr Gartner explains: ‘Along with plenty of exercise and a healthy diet, it aids recovery and is therefore a perfect complement to Modern Mayr Medicine.’

One laser treatment takes just 20 minutes. Read more about this side effect-free therapy in our latest issue of ParkZeit.