Gender medicine

Experience a unique medical check

In recent years gender physicians found that there are major differences between men’s larger hearts and women’s faster beating hearts, as well as the discovery that both men and women’s hearts have very different reactions to the aging process. Researchers have also now found out that women take longer to digest drugs – so modifying the effect and intensity of medication is crucial. What is needed in the future are different gender-specific drugs to replace our current medication. We delve further into this subject in the latest issue of ParkZeit.

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Gender medicine plays an increasingly important role in preventive health care, which is why we introduced a Men’s Medical Check. Naturally, we also provide diagnostics, exercise therapy, aesthetic medicine and cosmetic offers that are tuned to the specific needs of our female guests.

The Men’s Medical Check includes physiotherapeutic muscle function test, diagnostic blood, hormone and fitness tests plus ultrasound of abdominal organs & vessels, brain-supply vessels, thyroid, prostate & testes, urological examination and consultation.

Full diagnostic module: €2,431 excluding accommodation, only available if booked in advance and in conjunction with the Basic Programme.

Modern Mayr Medicine for Her includes: ultrasound, hormone screening, osteoporosis prevention, detox beauty treatments – anti-wrinkle hyaluronic acid injections, microampere bio facelift and microdermabrasion amongst many options, some included in the Basic Programme, others are available as add-ons to your booking. We will be delighted to advise you.

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