Nutrition Frühstücksbrei – nahrhaft und energiereich: Starten Sie fit in den Tag

Healthy breakfast porridge

Comfort food for heart and soul from Park Igls. Enjoy an energy boost with this healthy breakfast porridge recipe. The winter cold simply demands a healthy, nourishing and winter blues-busting start to your day, and…
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Nutrition Dinkelcrepes: Mit dem richtigen Rezept gute Laune verbreiten

Good food equals good mood

Healthy spelt pancakes recipe from Park Igls. Beat the winter blues with comfort food. At Park Igls we are very aware of the impact food can have on our moods, and when the weather adds…
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Nutrition Gemüsewok als natürlicher Energie-Booster und Glücklichmacher

Gently cooked:
vegetable stir-fry

Green vegetable stir-fry with mint and red pepper recipe. Boost energy with Modern Mayr cuisine at Park Igls. Will you dare take part in the Wok Race at Innsbruck-Igls’ Olympic bobsleigh track on 15, 22…
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Medical services Wechselbeschwerden lindern

Menopause at Park Igls

What happens when hormones wreak havoc? The experts discuss how to manage the menopause and survive ‘the change’. Hot flushes, difficulty sleeping, lethargy and reduced concentration, loss of libido, weight gain and hair loss… the…
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Exercise & fitness Park-Igls_Parkzeit Autumn-2019-2020

The new ParkZeit is here

Back to basics: keep moving Back pain is one of today’s most common health problems, affecting around four out of five adults in our sedentary society. Slouching, poor posture, lack of exercise and excess weight…
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Nutrition Spinach Modern Mayr Medicine Mayr Clinic Park Igls Tyrol Austria spinach recipe healthy

Spring recipe with spinach

This healthy Mayr spinach recipe is the very taste of spring The development of Mayr cuisine and intelligent gourmet fasting has enabled the Modern Mayr specialists at Park Igls to reach a new healthy eating…
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Medical services Mayr fasting Modern Mayr Medicine Mayr Clinic Park Igls Tyrol Austria base broth teaser

Mayr fasting detox

The right way to fast is a Mayr fast! Modern Mayr Medicine ensures your fast is a source of health and wellbeing. Detoxing and healthy living during a medical spa retreat at Park Igls in…
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Nutrition Clean Eating Modern Mayr Cuisine Park Igls

Clean eating

Innovative diet trend or re-packaged old truths? Clean eating is said to help weight loss, stabilise blood sugar levels and promote wellbeing. But, what is this diet trend all about? Dr Peter Gartner, Medical Director…
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Nutrition Tea Preparation Park Igls Modern Mayr Cuisine Preparations

Tea preparation done right!

Tea preparation done right! Tea for weight loss, tea for falling asleep, tea for coughs, nausea, constipation… The preparation of herbs and hot water works wonders! Tea preparation For best effect, teas and infusions should…
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Nutrition Metabolism Mayr Clinic Park Igls in Igls Innsbruck Tyrol Austria

Metabolism at
the Mayr clinic

The term ‘metabolism’ encompasses all processes in the human body that provide, consume and transport energy. Digestion converts carbohydrates, proteins and fats into a form that the body can absorb. The liver stores substances and…
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Nutrition Park Igls Mayr Clinic Tyrol Austria Innsbruck Modern Mayr Medicine Tyrol protein supplements

Protein supplements and their effects

Protein helps with weight loss, muscle building and muscle regeneration. And that’s not all, around 75% of our body dry matter consists of protein! Protein is the most important component of muscles, blood, skin, hair…
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Medical services Park Igls Mayr Clinic Tyrol Austria Innsbruck Medical honey makes you healthy

Medical honey makes you healthy

Thank goodness for bees! Honey’s healing effects were well known as far back as ancient Greece. While we modern-day mortals enjoy honey for its taste and soothing properties, Greek mythology ascribes the immortality of gods…
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Medical services Park Igls Mayr Clinic Tyrol Austria Innsbruck FX Mayr treatments

FX Mayr treatments detox and purify

After a winter of indulgence, your body craves tranquillity and a healthier lifestyle. An FX Mayr treatment programme helps to detox your body and get rid of unnecessary baggage, both physical and psychological. This year’s…
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Nutrition Park Igls Gesundheitszentrum Tirol Lebensmittel aus der Region

A taste of the region

Organic, sustainable, regional. Head Chef Markus Sorg is in the fortunate position of being able to create his Modern Mayr cuisine primarily using ingredients from his immediate environment. Aside from the freshness of these ingredients…
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News Park Igls Health Retreat Tyrol Austria Mayr Clinic immune system

It’s time to boost your immune system

Buttressing the immune system is important now that the days are getting shorter as the cold time of year begins. Here are a few tips from Modern Mayr cuisine. Spices can give our immune system…
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News Parkhotel Igls Innsbruck Tirol Austria Moderne Mayr Cuisine

Recipe for gazpacho with olive oil

Gazpacho – the southern Spanish soup made of raw vegetables and served cold – is globally popular as a refreshing summertime dish. It’s also very good for you! Our recipe is Head Chef Markus Sorg’s…
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News Park Igls Tirol Moderne Mayr Cuisine Bachsaibling

Fat is not just fat!

Fat makes you fat and sick, so shouldn’t you cut it out of your diet? Well no, things aren’t that bad. But there is a difference between good and bad fats, and – as with…
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News Park Igls Tirol Breakfast

In defence of breakfast

‘Eat breakfast yourself, share dinner with a friend, give your supper to an enemy.’ This Russian proverb, a variant of our ‘breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper’ has…
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Medical services Park Igls Tirol Kraeuter

Medicinal herbs work naturally!

The 19th century Bavarian priest and therapist Sebastian Kneipp believed firmly that, ‘for every disease there is a herb’, and Alexandra Federa – herb expert at Health Retreat Park Igls – agrees. Many herbs, wild…
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Exercise & fitness

Spring into spring! Detox on the Run

Spring is the ideal time to take a fresh look at diet, detox and health. Our Detox on the Run treatment module has been carefully curated as a spring clean for body, mind and your…
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Superfoods: myth or magic?

A morning bowl of muesli or midday smoothie without chia seeds? For some of us, this would be a thoroughly alien concept! These Aztec healing seeds are rich in protein, minerals and roughage; not to…
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