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Happy and Healthy with Modern Mayr Medicine

This book aims to convince you that you and your body are precious and treasurable. We want you to enjoy taking care of yourself. Feeling good about our bodies is wonderful – as is taking responsibility for them! Harmony of body, mind and soul is paramount, and the purpose of this book is not to help you become or stay slim. Instead our hope is that we can convey pleasure and joie de vivre, both essential factors in the development of self-love. We would like you to treat and see yourself with love.


  • Insights into the human body.
  • The latest medical findings.
  • Tips for after your treatment programme.
  • Mouthwatering recipes based on Modern Mayr cuisine.
  • Healthy exercise sequences.

How to lead a good life. Recognising what makes us happy. Getting and staying healthy into old age. Feeling strong and facing all of life’s challenges.

Modern Mayr Medicine deals with all of these issues, and its holistic approach helps you put a new, healthier lifestyle into practice. This includes great food as well as plenty of exercise, restful sleep, and taking charge of body, mind and spirit and – last but not least – lots of fun. This book is ideal as a companion to a Mayr treatment programme and offers a comprehensive guide to a better, healthier life.

»Every day, your body gives its best. Trust it, the power of life is unbroken, the will can move mountains. Do the same to your body and enjoy good health and a good life into old age.« Dr Peter Gartner, Medical Director

About the author and contributors:

The author of the book is Dr Med Peter Gartner, Medical Director at Park Igls. After completing his medical studies in Innsbruck and training to be a general practitioner, Dr Gartner specialised in holistic medicine, nutrition, sports medicine and acupuncture. Ever since, he has been a highly successful practitioner of the FX Mayr diagnostic method and therapy.

Dr Gartner is a member of the Vienna International Academy for Holistic Medicine and of the Austrian Society for Certified Acupuncture (OGKA). Until 2011, he was the director of a renowned health resort in Vorarlberg, which also specialises in Mayr Medicine. Sought after as a speaker both in Austria and abroad, he continuously inspires people to take a closer interest in FX Mayr’s health concept and diagnostics.


This book was written in collaboration with managing director Andrea Gnägi, chef Markus Sorg and a team of experienced therapists and experts. With the help of Franziska Lipp (concept/text), Fred Einkemmer (photos) and Monica Märchy (design), it was produced as a hardcover book.

Gesundheitszentrum Park Igls in Tirol

„This book aims to convince you that you and your body are precious and treasurable.“

Dr. med. univ. Peter R. Gartner – Medical Director at Park Igls.


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Publication date: 2020

Number of pages: 248 pages

ISBN 978-3-9501262-1-1

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