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Easy Fast soups

Just in time for Lent, we have collected three delicious recipes from Modern Mayr Cuisine around the traditional Fast soup. This not only warms the stomach in the cold season, but also strengthens the immune system.

Dare to be at leisure

We live in a society whose evolved culture simply associates doing nothing with laziness. We define ourselves by what we do, not by what we don't do. Yet we should all celebrate it more: the art of idleness.

The right way to relax

Humans are complex beings who react very sensitively to their environment and to emotional tensions. Causes of stress cannot always be eliminated, but every person can learn to deal with them better. There are proven ways to help cope with stress.

Enjoy and appreciate

Causes of stress cannot always be eliminated, but everyone can learn to deal with them better. There are proven ways to help cope with stress. These include switching to a bird's eye view or a simple distraction through music and so on.

Human beings: creatures of habit

In additional to being highly practical, habits and routines are also truly necessary for human beings. If we had to consciously control all our actions during the day, we would overtax our brains and consume far too much energy. In other words, without habits we would not survive! That being said, however, some habits can also have negative effects.

“Sleep tight and sweet dreams.”

Why we need to sleep and how we can learn to sleep better. An interview on the topic of sleep with clinical neuro- and health psychologist Mag. Dr. Melanie Robertson and the medical director of Park Igls, Dr. Peter Gartner.

Allergies and food intolerances

The number of allergy sufferers seems to be growing all the time; or are we just imagining it? The sad truth is that the number of people affected is indeed steadily increasing. In Austria alone, around a million people are to some degree affected by allergies.

Carbohydrates: the good and the bad

People often ask whether sugar and carbohydrates are the same thing. The reason for this confusion is simple: carbohydrates consist of sugar molecules and are broken down into sugar in the digestive system.

Vitamin D

Studies show that there is a close connection between a lack of vitamin D and a wide range of diseases. Nevertheless, the importance of this vitamin, often referred to as a hormone, is frequently underestimated.

A house, a cure and their common history

In the early 1990s, a pioneering success story began at the Park Igls Mayr retreat. Since then it has proven of huge benefit to many people. Thanks to Modern Mayr Medicine, new milestones have been set in holistic medicine and therapy.

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