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Health is Central

Hot off the press! Our brand new Mayr book is full of valuable information with plenty of entertainment, wit and humour on the side.

New insights: passage of food

Dr Kogelnig from the Park Igls health resort explains the passage of food. Discover how food travels through our bodies, how digestion works, and why chewing is of such importance.

Good fats: what we need

What effect does fat have on our bodies? Dr Irene Brunhuber of the Park Igls health retreat answers questions about body fat percentage, the body mass index and cholesterol levels.

Detecting osteoporosis early

Park Igls health specialist team share expert advise and information on why bone density decreases with age, how to determine risk factors and how to efficiently prevent osteoporosis.

Activate the immune system

How is your immune system doing? The Park Igls health retreat gets to the bottom of this question with a immune profile testing, Modern Mayr Medicine and information from experts.

Train your muscles properly

Our muscles are the key to pain-free movement – learn more about effective training and the complex world of muscles from Dr Barth from the Park Igls health retreat.

Park Igls: New Year’s Eve

Joyous, festive, reflective and wholesome: the period between Christmas and New Year is a very special time for us. Treat yourself to a restorative detox programme at Park Igls.

Cooking with herbs

Love healthy cooking? Try one of our recipes with authentic goodness. We’re cooking with herbs for an extra flavour boost.

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