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Gourmet fasting at Park Igls

Mindful nutrition with Modern Mayr cuisine

‘You are what you eat’ may be a somewhat overused adage, but there is a lot of truth in it. However, you are not just what you eat; how you eat matters too.

The vitality required by our bodies for life, growth and mobility comes from the gut. A healthy gut supplies us with vital nutrients, removes harmful toxins, and results in beautiful skin, slenderness and a positive attitude to life. Good digestion is essential for a healthy gut and general wellbeing. Digestion, however, does not start in the stomach, but in our mouths: chewing, when properly done, prepares food for the digestive process further down the line. Chewing also allows us to enjoy new flavour experiences. The natural saturation reflex, which tells us when we have had enough to eat, only arises when we eat slowly. Eating at the right time of day is also part of a healthy diet. Modern Mayr cuisine offers a delicious, alkaline-based diet in eight stages, from fasting to the Mayr Energy diet, and can be tailored to meet your individual needs. During the initial consultation, you and your physician decide at which dietary stage to enter your Mayr Therapy.

Modern Mayr cuisine for a healthy gut

Modern Mayr cuisine combines natural ingredients with culinary skill. Special attention is paid to the food’s acid-base composition, and its organic and regional origins. Salt is largely replaced by specially selected herbs and spices, and gentle cooking methods ensure that vital nutrients are retained.

Naturally, we always take allergies and intolerances into consideration.

Learning to chew

Every bite you eat should be enjoyed to the full in a calm and relaxed environment. Welcoming surroundings, a nicely set table, and a meticulously prepared meal all contribute to your wellbeing. While you are eating, direct your attention to yourself and your body. Chew slowly and deliberately, savour the flavours, and be fully aware of your own, active contribution to the therapeutic outcome. Try to avoid drinking anything during meals, but ensure you are taking in plenty of fluids between them.

Allergies and food intolerances

Conscious of food intolerances and allergies, we always make sure that alternatives to milk and our Mayr bread rolls are available at the Park Igls Mayr clinic. Please inform the physician during your initial consultation of any allergies or intolerances.

Modern Mayr cuisine's eight dietary stages

0 Fasting (tea)

During this dietary stage, you release pressure from your intestinal tract by drinking herbal tea and eating crispbread.

1 Traditional Mayr diet

In stage 1, a drink (e.g. Barley coffee, soya milk, milk and yoghurt) is predigested with the help of a bread roll.

2 Traditional Mayr diet + protein supplement

Protein supplements can be any of a range of high-protein foods such as tofu, turkey, cream cheese and egg.

3 Traditional Mayr diet + protein supplement + base broth

In stage 3, a delicious vegetable broth is added.

4 Modern Mayr diet – food combining menu

A gentle food combining diet.

5 Modern Mayr diet – light diet menu

Enjoy base broth and a light main course for your lunch.

6 Modern Mayr diet – light diet menu + salad or dessert

Stage 6 allows you to enjoy a sweet – but it’s still good for your gut!

Mayr Energy diet

At stage 7, Modern Mayr cuisine comes into its own – from breakfast to lunch and dinner.

FX Mayr for Gourmets recipe book

Chef and Mayr nutritionist Markus Sorg has compiled a collection of Modern Mayr recipes for you to try at home. The delicious Modern Mayr cuisine he creates for the Park Igls health retreat has been setting a new trend: good for body and mind, easy to make at home, and absolutely delicious. A healthy nutritional concept for every day.

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