Fasting with Modern Mayr cuisine: Gourmet fasting with eight dietary stages - Park Igls

Modern Mayr cuisine

Gourmet fasting with eight dietary stages

The diet cuisine prepared in the Park Igls health retreat kitchens is designed to rest and relieve the digestive system. The focus is on providing alkaline, light and beautifully prepared Modern Mayr cuisine using organic and regional foods. Fasting does not have to mean going without food or starving. Enjoy fasting with Modern Mayr cuisine, served in the stylish, relaxed surroundings of the Park Igls restaurant. Fasting sharpens the senses – get a taste for it!

During the initial examination with your Mayr physician, you discuss which dietary stage will be most suitable for you. The doctor pays particular attention to your personal constitution, and makes sure any potential food intolerances or allergies are taken into account.

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