MAYR FOCUS - Park Igls

Mayr Focus

Back pain, migraines, neurological disorders, cardiovascular and metabolic weaknesses, burnout and depression: common diseases of modern society. Mayr Focus programmes fight these lifestyle diseases, getting to the bottom of their causes and offering a holistic therapeutic approach, individually adapted to your needs, to help you improve and maintain your health.

Mayr De-Stress

Slow down and restore your energy flow with our systematic approach to holistic wellbeing. Facilitate your journey to de-stressed self-realisation with dialogue, deep relaxation, autogenic training, mental coaching, exercise, and by better understanding your own personality.


Mayr Physio

This module focuses on the relief of back and joint complaints. Back pain and posture problems are often the result of tension and muscular imbalances. Stress, muscular atrophy caused by a lack of exercise, and an unhealthy diet are major causes of musculoskeletal complaints.


Mayr Metabolic

This module is recommended for guests suffering from diabetes, high cholesterol, elevated uric acid, allergies, skin complaints and food intolerances. It is often possible to halt the chronic nature of these complaints by means of targeted treatments, allowing promising health outcomes.


Mayr Neuro

Neuroscience has proven what Mayr physicians have long suspected: degenerative nervous system diseases such as Parkinson’s disease have their origin in the gut. The restorative neurointestinal effect of Modern Mayr Medicine, combined with physiotherapy and physical exercise, can lead to long-term improvements in mobility and coordination.