MAYR DETOX - Park Igls

Mayr Detox

Regular detoxification is a key prerequisite for a healthy digestive system, functioning metabolism, strong immune system and holistic wellbeing. Modern Mayr Medicine creates the ideal basis for sustainable prevention and regeneration through holistic diagnostics and therapies combined with nutrition and exercise.

Mayr Basic

Mayr Basic is a fixed component of your stay, and forms part of every Mayr programme. It can also be booked individually and supplemented with individual services.


Mayr Classic

Time out for your health – this therapeutic module includes relaxing full-body massages and offers the ideal introduction to Modern Mayr Medicine.


Mayr Intensive

Modern Mayr Medicine’s premier programme includes additional diagnostic services such as extensive laboratory blood testing and a bioelectrical impedance analysis, and deeper detoxification thanks to extra abdominal treatments and liver compresses. Ideal for anyone aiming for optimal health benefits on as broad a basis as possible.