How your immune
system protects you

Activating your ‘protector’: the gut

The immune system needs to be like a Swiss watch: precise and constant. Indeed, to be strong and resilient, we require the body’s defence systems to work just like clockwork. During our Immune System Booster therapeutic module we use laboratory testing to determine the condition of your body’s defences. The results serve as a basis for tailor-made immune-system activation and strengthening therapies with Modern Mayr Medicine.

The pressures we confront day after day can wear us down, and we add to this by attacking our bodies on a number of different fronts with bad eating habits, sedentary lifestyles, stress, emotional demands, physical challenges, viruses, bacteria… the list is endless. Given this daily combat scenario, how do we stay healthy, fit and resistant to infection? Ultimately, this fight can only be won by keeping our immune systems working well. The key to this is a healthy gut.

Establishing the status quo
and analysing the test results

Unless you’re willing to embark on a medical odyssey with visits to a raft of different specialists, how do you find out how your immune system is doing? It’s simple at Park Igls where we provide laboratory testing. Our internist, Dr Irene Brunhuber, and GP Dr Sonja Schottkowsky use the results to create an immune profile that allows them to assess the system’s strength and how best to improve its function.

The gut: our protective shield and
principal location of the immune system

‘There are three interfaces between us and the environment: the skin, the respiratory tract and the digestive tract. So, everything inside our bronchi and intestines is actually ‘outside’ of our body,’ explains Dr Gartner. ‘It stands to reason, therefore, that nature has developed effective border protection measures at these interfaces. The largest of these can be found in what, in terms of evolutionary history, is the oldest part of our body: the gut and intestinal mucosa. The immune system’s job is to intercept intruders: lymphocytes grab viruses that try to penetrate the system and transport them to special defence cells where they are eliminated or marked as dangerous with the help of antibodies. These marked cells are then destroyed by phagocytes.’

Ozone, zinc and vitamin C:
A powerful combination

As part of the week-long Immune System Booster module, we establish the condition of the body’s defence system before creating a basis for strengthening the immune system for the long term. Thanks to a combination of therapeutic approaches we provide an effective jump start to help you change unhelpful behaviours. In addition to this emotional component, the module includes a range of infusion therapies. Dr Gartner explains: ‘Activated oxygen has a stimulating effect on the immune system, while zinc inhibits virus replication, and vitamin C, a free radical scavenger and antioxidant, protects immunity-relevant cells against oxidative stress, making it essential for immune defence.’

Diet, exercise, restoration and mental hygiene

Guests on this module enjoy Modern Mayr cuisine which uses easily digestible, natural, regional and seasonal foods, and forms one of the foundations of a strengthened immune system. Easing the burden on the gut is essential. In addition to choosing the right foods, their composition and processing, pre-digestion by thorough mastication is key. Ensuring that large parts of the digestive work occur inside the mouth – chewing and insalivating – means the intestines have less to do. This frees up energy for regeneration and defence. Combined with well-chosen exercises and restorative massages, the result is increased long-term wellbeing and a sense of greater strength and resilience. Above all, the immune system is bolstered and can be maintained that way with the help of changes in everyday behaviour.

Boosting the immune system is for everyone

The module is suitable for anyone who has to face challenges in their everyday life, or would like to know more about their immune system’s condition with a view to laying the foundations of a stronger, healthier future. ‘This module meets the requirements of people with weakened immune systems, who have cancer or an autoimmune disease, but is equally suitable for those who simply spend a lot of their time mixing with others,’ says Dr Gartner.


  • Integrated health check + medical examination + concluding examination.
  • Personal Modern Mayr cuisine diet plan.
  • Mineral water, herbal tea and base broth.
  • Daily Kneipp treatments.
  • Group exercise sessions, active and passive anti-stress exercises.
  • Lifestyle management, group mental coaching sessions and lectures.
  • Use of swimming pool, sauna and panoramic gym.

Testing and diagnostics

  • Expanded laboratory blood tests.
  • Special laboratory testing: immune profile.
  • Medical consultation.

Infusion therapy

  • Infusions therapy with active oxygen (ozone) to stimulate the immune system.
  • Zinc infusions to curtail the duration of illnesses such as colds.
  • Vitamin C infusions to protect immunocompetent cells.

Full body massages

  • Improved condition of tissues.
  • Stimulate perfusion, relieve tension.
  • General increase in wellbeing.
  • Stimulates the metabolism.