Harmonise body, mind and spirit


Relax, recharge and revitalise

Yoga brings equilibrium and physical wellbeing. The popularity of Yoga is in part thanks to its beneficial effects on mind and body: strengthening muscles, supporting the spine’s mobility, improving breathing technique and enhancing relaxation, has a balancing effect on the mind and emotions.

For a harmony of health treat yourself to a Yoga@Mayr week this summer. Yoga is combined with Modern Mayr Medicine, and nature takes the lead: practising Yoga in magical Alpine locations clears the mind and allows your thoughts to soar.


28 August to 11 September 2016

  • The Basic Programme
  • 6 Yoga group classes (50 mins each)
  • 2 one-to-one Yoga classes (50 mins each)
  • 5 partial body massages (25 mins each)
  • 1 liver compress with beeswax

€1,306 for one week, excludes accommodation

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