COVID-19 and Modern Mayr Medicine

A healthy gut for a fighting-fit immune system. There is always plenty of well-intentioned advice to be had on strengthening the immune system – and never more so than now, as we battle the dreaded…
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Nutrition Frühstücksbrei – nahrhaft und energiereich: Starten Sie fit in den Tag

Healthy breakfast porridge

Comfort food for heart and soul from Park Igls. Enjoy an energy boost with this healthy breakfast porridge recipe. The winter cold simply demands a healthy, nourishing and winter blues-busting start to your day, and…
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Nutrition Dinkelcrepes: Mit dem richtigen Rezept gute Laune verbreiten

Good food equals good mood

Healthy spelt pancakes recipe from Park Igls. Beat the winter blues with comfort food. At Park Igls we are very aware of the impact food can have on our moods, and when the weather adds…
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Nutrition Gemüsewok als natürlicher Energie-Booster und Glücklichmacher

Gently cooked:
vegetable stir-fry

Green vegetable stir-fry with mint and red pepper recipe. Boost energy with Modern Mayr cuisine at Park Igls. Will you dare take part in the Wok Race at Innsbruck-Igls’ Olympic bobsleigh track on 15, 22…
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Medical services Wechselbeschwerden lindern

Menopause at Park Igls

What happens when hormones wreak havoc? The experts discuss how to manage the menopause and survive ‘the change’. Hot flushes, difficulty sleeping, lethargy and reduced concentration, loss of libido, weight gain and hair loss… the…
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Medical services Die Mayr-Therapie steigert die Fruchtbarkeit

Infertility at Park Igls

The underlying causes of infertility exposed. What happens when hormones go out of whack?  Hormones play a powerful role in the female body – they are responsible for regulating menstruation, fertility and growth and can…
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Medical services Food for back pain 11 top diet tips to combat musculoskeletal problems

Food for back pain

And food for thought Dr Irene Brunhuber on nutrition and back health Back pain is one of the banes of modern life. Most of us lead sedentary existences and will, at some point, be given…
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Exercise & fitness Hilfe bei Rückenschmerzen Diagnose & Therapien Park Igls Tirol

Back pain relief

Back pain: here’s how to maintain a healthy back for a happy life Get moving! Exercise is the best therapy and prevention for back pain Anatomically, we are not all that different from our ancestor…
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News Hilfe bei Winterdepression Park Igls Mayr Clinic

Autumn and winter depression

Top self-help tips Our Mayr psychologists share their blues-busting tips The autumn and winter blues can creep in as temperatures drop, the days gets shorter and mornings gloomier. Depression takes hold of its victims, making…
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