News Tatler Spa Guide 2019 SPA Gesundheitszentrum Park Igls Tirol Austria

Tatler Spa Guide 2019

Park Igls one the world’s best spas! Mental and emotional balance, good health, slenderness, detox and fitness are today’s prime parameters – with equilibrium, fitness and stress relief being high up on most people’s wish…
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News Park Igls Parkzeit Spring Summer_

Park Igls Mayr clinic news

Intestinal health is now at the top of health-conscious people’s wish list. Small wonder, since the gut is the body’s central organ that provides it with everything it needs. We have known for a long…
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Medical services Metabolism Modern Mayr Medicine Mayr Clinic Park Igls Tyrol Austria graphic teaser

Boost your metabolism with Modern Mayr Medicine.

Boost your metabolism for a slim, healthy and energetic new you! A hot health-related topic, the metabolism functions as the body’s own engine for health, energy and vitality. We may be eager to boost our…
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Nutrition Spinach Modern Mayr Medicine Mayr Clinic Park Igls Tyrol Austria spinach recipe healthy

Spring recipe with spinach

This healthy Mayr spinach recipe is the very taste of spring The development of Mayr cuisine and intelligent gourmet fasting has enabled the Modern Mayr specialists at Park Igls to reach a new healthy eating…
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News Condé Nast Traveller Spa Guide 2019 best spa Park Igls Mayr Clinic Andrea Gnaegi Peter Gartner

Park Igls a best spa 2019

London, 29 January 2019: The Condé Nast Traveller Spa Guide 2019 is hot off the press and Park Igls Mayr clinic is again among the world’s 35 best spas! Park Igls’s winning streak continues –…
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Medical services Mayr fasting Modern Mayr Medicine Mayr Clinic Park Igls Tyrol Austria base broth teaser

Mayr fasting detox

The right way to fast is a Mayr fast! Modern Mayr Medicine ensures your fast is a source of health and wellbeing. Detoxing and healthy living during a medical spa retreat at Park Igls in…
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Medical services A healthy gut for healthy skin Nutrition Mayr clinic Park Igls Innsbruck Tyrol Austria - Dr Gartner Sonja Sojer

A healthy gut for healthy skin!

Radiant skin and Mayr Medicine go hand in hand! Dr Peter Gartner joins Sonja Sojer for a conversation about healthy, beautiful skin and the role of beauty treatments. A HEALTHY GUT MEANS HEALTHY SKIN Sonja…
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Nutrition Clean Eating Modern Mayr Cuisine Park Igls

Clean eating

Innovative diet trend or re-packaged old truths? Clean eating is said to help weight loss, stabilise blood sugar levels and promote wellbeing. But, what is this diet trend all about? Dr Peter Gartner, Medical Director…
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Nutrition Tea Preparation Park Igls Modern Mayr Cuisine Preparations

Tea preparation done right!

Tea preparation done right! Tea for weight loss, tea for falling asleep, tea for coughs, nausea, constipation… The preparation of herbs and hot water works wonders! Tea preparation For best effect, teas and infusions should…
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