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Recipe for gazpacho with olive oil

Gazpacho – the southern Spanish soup made of raw vegetables and served cold – is globally popular as a refreshing summertime dish. It’s also very good for you! Our recipe is Head Chef Markus Sorg’s…
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Fat is not just fat!

Fat makes you fat and sick, so shouldn’t you cut it out of your diet? Well no, things aren’t that bad. But there is a difference between good and bad fats, and – as with…
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Medical services Park-Igls-Hotel-Tirol_Akupunktur

The secrets of hypno-acupuncture

Blending medical hypnosis and acupuncture, hypno-acupuncture is a new and effective form of therapy which can help tackle bad habits and relieve health issues. Dr Peter Gartner, Park Igls’ Medical Director and qualified hypno-acupuncturist, explains…
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In defence of breakfast

‘Eat breakfast yourself, share dinner with a friend, give your supper to an enemy.’ This Russian proverb, a variant of our ‘breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper’ has…
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Exercise & fitness Park-Igls_Innsbruck_Austria_Moderne_Mayr_Medizin_Bewegung_07

Harmonise body, mind and spirit

Yoga@Mayr Relax, recharge and revitalise Settle, relax and harmonise body, mind and spirit with gentle exercises and the powerful energy of your breath – Yoga brings equilibrium and physical wellbeing. The postures and exercises stimulate…
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Medical services Park-Igls_Wandern

Walking is the best medicine

And more besides! Walking is probably the world’s oldest exercise craze and is currently experiencing a massive upsurge in popularity. It therefore comes as no surprise to Teresa Wiedemayr, a sports therapist and walk leader…
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Medical services Park-Igls_Kräuter

Medicinal herbs work naturally!

The 19th century Bavarian priest and therapist Sebastian Kneipp believed firmly that, ‘for every disease there is a herb’, and Alexandra Federa – herb expert at Health Retreat Park Igls – agrees. Many herbs, wild…
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Exercise & fitness Park-Igls_Golf_Innsbruck_Igls_Rinn

Active and healthy weekend break for ladies

Girls-Only Golf! Come alone or with your besties! Come alone or with your besties! If you yearn for some rest and relaxation in the Tyrolean mountains but lack the time for a full-fledged holiday, we…
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The Summer Short Stay Programme in Igls is always a treat!

Even just a short stay at the Health Retreat Park Igls is good for your health. Whether it’s to take a breather from the stresses and strains of daily life, to find out more about…
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