News New Year's Eve Park Igls Mayr clinic in Igls Tyrol Austria

New Year’s Eve at a Mayr clinic

When New Year’s Eve comes around everyone starts thinking about their plans for the new year. If ‘Next year I will be healthy!’ sounds like your usual New Year’s resolution, then you should read on.…
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News Mayr therapy new guest magazine Modern Mayr Medicine Park Igls Health Clinic Tyrol Igls

Mayr therapy: good health starts in the gut

Healthy people exude beauty and radiance. However, health, beauty and vitality depend on the digestive system. The metabolism affects all our bodily processes, and every new cell that develops within it is made up of…
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Medical services Neuro @ Mary Dr. Gartner Park Igls Mayr Clinic Tyrol Austria Innsbruck

Neuro@Mayr: Parkinson’s starts in the gut

The latest neuroscientific findings prove what Mayr physicians have long suspected: degenerative nervous system diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis, originate in the gut. The regenerating neurointestinal effect of Modern Mayr Medicine, combined…
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Medical services

Aesthetic medicine and FX Mayr: the perfect pairing!

Aesthetic medicine is much more than liposuction, Botox and surgical lifting, and no one knows this better than Dr Fabian Petschke, plastic surgeon and consultant at Park Igls. Medical Director Dr Peter Gartner has found…
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Medical services Gait analysis Park Igls health clinic Tyrol Austria

Gait as an indicator of health

The way we walk can, on close examination, provide important information about the state of our health. Through our innovative diagnostic procedure OptoGait we can identify and treat problems with movement. OptoGait is the first…
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Medical services DNA-based diagnostics intestinal flora Park Igls Mayr Clinic Innsbruck Tyrol Austria

DNA-based diagnostics makes you happy!

Good health means quality of life! The Park Igls Mayr clinic in Tyrol offers medical accompanied breaks based on healthy nutrition, conscious movement and profound regeneration – combined with traditional diagnosis according to FX Mayr.…
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Nutrition Park Igls Mayr Clinic Tyrol Austria Innsbruck Modern Mayr Medicine Tyrol protein supplements

Protein supplements and their effects

Protein helps with weight loss, muscle building and muscle regeneration. And that’s not all, around 75% of our body dry matter consists of protein! Protein is the most important component of muscles, blood, skin, hair…
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Exercise & fitness Park Igls Mayr Clinic Tyrol Austria Innsbruck Medical Yoga

Medical Yoga meets F.X. Mayr

The holistic approach of Medical Yoga combines Yoga perfectly with Modern Mayr Medicine. Mindfulness and body awareness are key aspects of Yoga, however on a physical level, Medical Yoga fosters stability, energy, flexibility, relaxation, focus,…
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Medical services Park Igls Mayr Clinic Tyrol Austria Innsbruck Medical honey makes you healthy

Medical honey makes you healthy

Thank goodness for bees! Honey’s healing effects were well known as far back as ancient Greece. While we modern-day mortals enjoy honey for its taste and soothing properties, Greek mythology ascribes the immortality of gods…
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