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The latest wellbeing tips and trends: read all about it in the new ParkZeit!

Fascias – it’s what’s inside that counts In the latest issue of our guest magazine, we focus on our bodies’ ‘shock absorber’ and largest sensory organ: the fascia. Its significance to human health and fitness…
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Holistic healing at Park Igls

Shiatsu originated in Japan and is based upon the theoretical framework of traditional Chinese medicine, its name actually means ‘finger pressure’ in Japanese. Shiatsu works on the whole person and is based on the Chinese…
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Spring into spring! Detox on the Run

Spring is the ideal time to take a fresh look at diet, detox and health. Our Detox on the Run treatment module has been carefully curated as a spring clean for body, mind and your…
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News Modern Mayr cuisine

Modern Mayr cuisine and the humble bamboo steamer basket

FX Mayr for Gourmets: delicious and healthy steamed sole rolls Steaming is a gentle and healthy cooking technique used a lot in Modern Mayr cuisine. The method preserves mineral salts, vitamins and minerals while retaining…
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Parkhotel Igls continues to be one the world’s best spas

Condé Nast Traveller Spa Guide 2017 The Condé Nast Traveller Spa Guide 2017 is hot off the press! And once again the Health Retreat Parkhotel Igls has been listed as one of the top 54…
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Nutrition Breakfast berry smoothie bowl topped with goji berries,raspberry, blackberry, pumpkin, sunflower and chia seeds.

Superfoods: myth or magic?

A morning bowl of muesli or midday smoothie without chia seeds? For some of us, this would be a thoroughly alien concept! These Aztec healing seeds are rich in protein, minerals and roughage; not to…
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Medical services Haemo Laser Therapie

The healing power of light

Pain-free therapy Laser treatment offers patients at the Parkhotel Igls a pain-free therapeutic option. We have seen some amazing treatment outcomes in the use of laser technology: a perfect complement to Modern Mayr Medicine. Gentle…
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Medical services Sugar: a ticking time bomb

Sugar: a ticking time bomb

Prevent diabetes with Mayr Almost half a billion people worldwide have diabetes, and this figure is set to rise. The main culprits of this ‘sweet epidemic’ are obesity and lack of exercise. Specific lifestyle changes…
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Parkinson’s starts in the gut

Two of the main principles of Modern Mayr Medicine, a healthy gut and physical exercise, play a critical role in neurological disorders. The latest scientific findings suggest that Parkinson’s disease is triggered in the gut.…
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