Back to basics: keep moving

Back pain is one of today’s most common health problems, affecting around four out of five adults in our sedentary society. Slouching, poor posture, lack of exercise and excess weight all place strain on the back and weaken the core muscles. The good news is that the muscle strength of anyone with unimpaired mobility, whatever their age or constitution, can be increased with exercise. As long as a doctor has ruled out a serious cause for the pain, there is no reason to avoid exercise. Dozens of studies prove that exercise therapy can ease back pain in the long term, as well as improve general fitness and mobility. Working out regularly reduces pain by up to half! So keep moving! Inactivity and bed rest cause tension, poor posture and recurring pain, therefore people affected by back pain should resume their usual activities as soon as they can.

There is an almost endless list of activities that help to strengthen the back – from Pilates and Theraband training to walking and gardening or any other activity that gets the body moving. We offer almost 50 different types of exercise. The medical team and exercise therapists work together to find the right form of exercise to suit each guest’s requirements and interests – one that makes them happy and starts them on the path to a pain-free life.

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Holistic therapy with Modern Mayr Medicine

Any inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract can also irritate connective tissue in the vascular system and muscles, and of course in the back area. The body’s various systems communicate via nerves and hormones – inflammatory reactions are therefore also transmitted in this way, affecting the physical structure, for example posture. Conversely, posture also has an influence on our organs. There is significant interplay between gut health and the locomotor and skeletal systems. It is vital that treatment plans for back pain identify these deep connections and respond accordingly. That’s exactly what Modern Mayr Medicine does, and does so well! We have a holistic approach to treatment, combining pain therapy with physiotherapy, psychotherapy, exercise therapy, and lifestyle and diet changes.

Modern Mayr Medicine at Park Igls – new ParkZeit guest magazine out now!

A healthy, painless back is worth its weight in gold! Back ache is today’s most common complaint, and chronic back pain can be debilitating. Furthermore, it affects mental health as well as our social and working life. A holistic approach to diagnosis together with combination of therapies can bring about long-lasting pain relief and restore quality of life. The new autumn-winter issue of ParkZeit examines the human backbone from all sides: Did you know that a balanced acid-base ratio reduces the risk of inflammation? Or that kybun® training reduces back problems and stress? Plus: Everything you ever wanted to know about SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) but didn’t dare ask, nutritious Modern Mayr cuisine recipes to enhance mood, and Park Igls experts discuss the menopause and infertility.



The new ParkZeit’s topics at a glance

  • A healthy back for a happy life

    The consequences of a sedentary society

  • The gut and the back

    A deep connection

  • Back to basics: keep moving

    Don’t be a Homo sedens

  • Special tips for an upstanding life

    Exercise tips for greater back mobility

  • Stand up for your back

    Defend your backbone against the psyche

  • Spine supplements

    Tasty and natural anti-inflammatories

  • Comfort food for heart and brain

    Enhance your mood with Modern Mayr cuisine

  • Autumn blues & winter depression

    The causes of SAD and how to combat it

  • When hormones step out of line

    Menopause and infertility

  • At a glance

    Facts and figures, current offers and tariffs

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