Intestinal health is now at the top of health-conscious people’s wish list. Small wonder, since the gut is the body’s central organ that provides it with everything it needs. We have known for a long time, that intestinal health affects the mind as well as the body – it’s our second brain and contains more neurons than the spinal cord! Is it any wonder that the demand for Mayr treatments is rising?

At the Park Igls Mayr clinic in Tyrol, we are not the slightest bit surprised. Our latest ParkZeit features stories on intestinal health, holistic return to physical and emotional health, and a raft of tips and specials on lifestyle, exercise, nutrition and – of course – our Mayr programmes. Have a browse through our brand new Spring/Summer 2019 ParkZeit!

Mayr treatments in Tyrol –
top weight loss methods and more…

In the new ParkZeit, we ask, ‘Is Modern Mayr Medicine just a fast?’ The Park Igls Mayr clinic’s answer is yes – but above all it is medicine, therapy, prevention and a healthy, enjoyable lifestyle! Read why the Mayr programmes in Tyrol, featuring Modern Mayr Medicine and Modern Mayr cuisine, can do so much more for you than classic fasting treatments. And how connective and fatty tissues benefit from our pioneering approach.

Articles about Modern Mayr Medicine
and Modern Mayr cuisine

Fruit is healthy, right? Why then do more and more people suffer from fructose intolerance? The ParkZeit investigates the phenomenon and explains how to tackle food intolerances. Strengthening the immune system is the name of the game. Mayr therapies do this by means of intestinal cleansing, healing the body’s principal source of inflammation in the process. Plus: Markus Sorg, Chef at the Park Igls Mayr clinic, in a ‘fruity’ and exclusive interview.

Reboot with a Mayr programme in Tyrol

As soon as temperatures rise, fitness, health and looking good become hot topics. That’s why our new ParkZeit magazine presents the best ways to…

…get active – and stay active – for recovery and prevention with Feldenkrais® and kybun® and much more,

…indulge in luscious summer pleasures with our light Modern Mayr cuisine summer recipes,

…cast off emotional baggage with a mental detox,

…look into – and after – your eyes

…and much more!

Park Igls Parkzeit Spring Summer

ParkZeit topics

  • Modern Mayr Medicine I Is it a fasting programme?
  • Fasting facts I Mayr vs. other fasting methods
  • Bad fruit I Apples and bananas stand accused!
  • A bit fruity? I Fruit and Modern Mayr cuisine
  • Feldenkrais® I Helping us to help ourselves
  • Salad days I A green helping of health
  • Healthy eyes I Insights on vision
  • To ‘Mayr’ is to move! I Key to happiness
  • Mental detox I Emotional healing
  • kybun® I One step ahead
  • Overview of offers & therapeutic modules I Interesting facts and figures, our current offers and tariffs

Do you have a Mayr therapy in your sights? We would be delighted if reading our new ParkZeit inspires you to opt for a healthier, and, above all, more fulfilling way of life! And we cannot wait to look after you at our Park Igls Mayr clinic. See you soon in the heart of the Alps!