Radiant skin and Mayr Medicine go hand in hand!

Dr Peter Gartner joins Sonja Sojer for a conversation about healthy, beautiful skin and the role of beauty treatments.

A healthy gut for healthy skin Nutrition Mayr clinic Park Igls Innsbruck Tyrol Austria - Dr Gartner Sonja Sojer


Sonja Sojer: We look upon skin as an organ, tailoring treatments to each client’s requirements and supporting the detox process generated by their Mayr programme. This is how I have worked for 25 years, alongside my – currently five – colleagues.

Dr. Peter Gartner: Interestingly, Dr FX Mayr probed the relationship between beauty and digestion in one of his very first books. How does the face look before and after Mayr therapy? Here at Park Igls, before and after photos make the skin changes abundantly clear. Our Mayr programmes increase the flexibility of elastic fibres, eliminate toxins and improve metabolism. The skin mirrors the intestine, so we could be forgiven for concluding that the Mayr principles are ample. Why have a beauty salon at Park Igls when beauty comes from within? As a doctor, I feel that cosmetic treatments provide great supplements to our successful programmes. We place a great deal of importance on cooperation, which means that I’m involved in adopting new treatment methods for the beauty salon.

S. Sojer: Cooperation with the baths facilities at Park Igls is just as important, as they offer body treatments. Therefore, together we can provide treatments that complement and enhance each other. Our understanding of beauty has changed dramatically over the last 10 to 20 years – as have the types of treatment we offer. There is much more research on skin now, but skin hypersensitivity and skin allergies have also increased. Additionally, Mayr programmes can also result in more highly sensitised skin.

Dr. Gartner: We call it ‘treatment eczema’. Over the course of a programme, skin undergoes manipulation through massages, treatments and hydrotherapy. Part of the acidic toxins that are excreted make their way via the skin – which can cause a reaction. Personal circumstances, diet – virtually everything shows on our skin, especially in relation to the gut. This is the reason Mayr physicians consider the appearance of a patient’s skin such an integral part of their medical anamnesis.


S. Sojer: Our body treatments are carried out hand in hand with the Park Igls baths facilities. Based on a client’s treatment plan, I offer supplementary treatments such as pneumatic pulsation massage (PPM) during which pulsing suction cups cleanse the body’s connective tissue, working it intensively to strengthen and firm it. The resulting increase in lymphatic and blood flow supports the detoxification process. PPM can also be used on the face (with smaller suction cups) with results that are clear to see – and feel! The baths facilities’ Terra-Vit full body wraps also contribute to this.

Dr. Gartner: PPM uses the same principles as our Mayr manual abdominal treatment, but the aim is to move liquid toxins away from fatty tissue rather than breaking the fat down.

S. Sojer: Knowing the processes involved in a programme and speaking with our guests enables us to tailor our treatments to their specific requirements. In the event of detox symptoms or strong reactions to gentle stimuli, we recommend wellness treatments with herbal extracts and essential oils. Our colour vacuum treatment is similar to PPM, but the vacuum develops more gradually and works in combination with light frequencies.

A healthy gut for healthy skin Nutrition Mayr clinic Park Igls Innsbruck Tyrol Austria - Dr Gartner Sonja Sojer


S. Sojer: Unlike aesthetic medicine, most beauty treatments are non-invasive. Working with the long-term partner Reviderm provides us with the latest technologies and products, enabling us to resolve skin issues and promote skin vitality and recovery. Microdermabrasion gently and painlessly removes dead cells from the skin’s outer layer with extreme precision. The Reviderm cellJET ultrasound device massages the tissue on a micro level, which allows products to penetrate to deeper layers of the dermis. Microdermabrasion helps with loss of elasticity, large pores, light damage, dryness and fine lines by making skin firmer and more resilient. The effects are noticeable after just one treatment, but we recommend three to four appointments for long-lasting results.


Dr. Gartner: Couperose is caused by the dilation of small capillaries on the skin surface, particularly on the face. The redness is harmless on its own, but it can occur in combination with illnesses and can sometimes lead to rosacea. Excessive alcohol consumption can also result in dilated capillaries, as can fermentation in the intestine. This can happen, for instance, if you regularly eat raw food – such as a large salad – in the evening. The food only travels as far as the small intestine, where it begins to ferment and produce alcohol. This paralyses small capillaries on the skin surface, which can then dilate and redden. Paradoxically, it can also lead to a fatty liver in vegetarians.

S. Sojer: We achieve good results with Søby massage, named after its Danish dermatologist creator. Facial redness and swelling soon fade. With the correct instruction, clients can also perform self-massage. Treatments using sound and a range of active ingredients can also stop the spread of couperose. Couperose is another example that demonstrates the importance of a healthy diet for beauty.


Sonja Sojer und Dr. Peter Gartner  agree that ‘the dose makes the poison’, but…

Dr. Gartner: Smoking increases sebum production and is therefore not conducive to healthy skin. Extreme weather conditions are also bad for skin and require special protection. Environmental factors and a lack of sleep will also be reflected in the skin’s condition.


S. Sojer: We often see ‘overtreated’ skin on both the face and body. Foamy products with a high alkaline surfactant content don’t do skin any good if they are used on a daily or twice daily basis. Healthy skin renews itself, but my frequent advice is that ‘less is more’. Effective skincare is tailored to an individual’s skin type, so it is best to take advice from a well-trained beautician.

Dr. Gartner: Anything beyond a natural soap is unnecessary. That’s my, admittedly radical, take on it. Bars of soap are generally kinder to skin than liquid versions, and Park Igls deliberately avoids providing body lotions in the rooms. From a doctor’s perspective, applying creams to the skin is only recommended in cases of pathological dryness.

Question for Dr Gartner
What are toxins? 

Toxins are metabolic products which the body can only eliminate in certain quantities. If this capacity is exceeded, the substances have to be processed or deposited. The body is unable to eliminate protein, for example. As a result, it stores amino acids in connective tissue, which increases hydrostatic pressure on small blood vessels. This can lead to circulation issues. The number one toxin – lactate – forms when carbohydrates ferment. Consumption of carbohydrates – which isn’t necessarily bad – combined with a lack of activity can result in couch potato syndrome and harmful excess weight. Carbohydrates should therefore always be consumed in connection with physical activity. Recent scientific studies have also focused on advanced glycation end products (AGEs), substances formed with regular consumption of fried or grilled foods that also lead to toxin deposits.