Healthy breakfast porridge

Comfort food for heart and soul from Park Igls.

Enjoy an energy boost with this healthy breakfast porridge recipe.

The winter cold simply demands a healthy, nourishing and winter blues-busting start to your day, and hot porridge ticks all the boxes. Our recipe goes beyond traditional oats, making wholesome use of spelt and millet – and why not give gofio a go? It’s a versatile ingredient, and perfect for your morning dose of comfort food.

Healthy breakfast porridge recipe for a happy start to the day

Serves 1:
• 200ml of water and/or milk
• 2–3 tbsp finely ground spelt, gofio, millet and oats
• Maple syrup
• Cinnamon

Add the ground grains to a pan containing the cold water and/or milk. Stir well with a whisk. The liquid needs to be cold, otherwise the starch will make the porridge go lumpy! Heat it slowly and continue to stir with the whisk until the mixture thickens slightly. The porridge should be ready in one to two minutes. If making larger portions, cook for as long as necessary.

Cinnamon and maple syrup or honey are delicious added to porridge. May also be garnished with fruits and berries as desired. For a full-flavoured version, chop up a few leaves of stevia and add to the porridge with a drizzle of olive oil. You can also season porridge with salt and pepper. Soya milk, rice milk etc. can be used instead of dairy milk.