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A hole in one for your health!


For the perfect swing!

The sunny plateau around the Parkhotel Igls is a true paradise for golfers – three nearby golf courses offer varied fairways as well as different levels of difficulty. Golf@Mayr is a hole-in-one for your health – because your health is central. Therapeutic applications help to restore your body’s acid-base balance, while individually tailored Modern Mayr cuisine rests the digestive system.

Golf course at the Parkhotel Igls in Tyrol

As the only TheMedGolf® Institute in Austria, we are able to offer a golf specific training programme that combines medical and physiotherapeutic elements. The TheMedGolf® training programme is designed to help beginners acquire a swing technique that meets the requirements of the sport while also ensuring they avoid injury, and to teach advanced players to identify and correct any errors in their golf swing. To help you achieve an optimal flow of movements, a specially trained team of professionals provide you with individual attention – for the perfect, pain-free swing.

TheMedGolf® at the Parkhotel Igls in Tyrol

When discussing our training programme, Hanni Gartner, one of our qualified health coaches, explains: ‘We restore the balance between body and movement. In order to carry out a golf swing that is gentle on the musculoskeletal system, it is necessary for flexibility, strength and stability to be in harmony. Wellbeing and a person’s game are negatively affected if any one of the three components is not working properly’.

Drive your mobility over the bunker of bad habits with Golf@Mayr.


1 June to 31 August 2016

  • The Basic Programme including golf group classes
  • 3-day green fee (Rinn and Lans)
  • 5 partial body massages (25 mins each)
  • 1 liver compress with beeswax

€1,246 for one week, price excludes accommodation

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Valid until 18 December 2016

  • 1 golf-specific functional analysis
  • 3 golf-specific training sessions to improve coordination and strength
  • 3 pre-shot exercise units
  • 4 golf training sessions with a pro (incl. range fee, balls and video analysis)

€841 for one week, price excludes accommodation. Additional basic daily rate of €80
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Individual services on request
Golf lesson with the pro (60 mins)
Golf taster lesson (90 mins)
Beginners – proficiency certificate course (12–14 lessons)