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Gait as an indicator of health

The way we walk can, on close examination, provide important information about the state of our health. Through our innovative diagnostic procedure OptoGait we can identify and treat problems with movement.

OptoGait is the first portable analysis laboratory for dynamic gait or run analysis. It is an optical measuring system consisting of a transmitting and a receiving bar, each fitted with 96 LEDs that continually communicate with each other and supply the key data used to produce a recovery plan.
It provides gait analysis data in real time, including stance phase, swing phase, stride length and contact phase. The measured data obtained from the gait analysis allows us to obtain a precise diagnosis and thus prescribe effective preventive or rehabilitation measures. We also use a video camera to record gait behaviour from various perspectives. These recordings provide patients with important feedback as they watch themselves walk.

Gait analysis Park Igls health clinic Tyrol Austria

Gait analysis is particularly recommended by the Park Igls Mayr clinic for pain when walking, injuries to the legs, back and spine injuries, before and after surgery to the locomotive apparatus or back and if you have received an artificial joint at the hip, knee or ankle.

But even if you do not have any complaints, you should deal with your gait and preventively work on it. With increasing age the gait changes – so it’s never too early to work on the way you walk. By age 70, only 80% of us still walk normally. This reduces to 20% by the time we’re 80! Decreasing muscle mass and an impaired sense of balance affect our safety when we walk. Gait becomes less stable, more wide-legged and ‘tottering’. In this respect, gait analysis offers a preventive measure to raise our awareness and spur us on to start exercising early and improve both gait and balance.

Take the first step! Experience a gait analysis at Park Igls Mayr clinic and walk well into the future!

Super Medical Check

In addition to the basic range of diagnostic tests at the beginning of any treatment, we also offer a supplementary and ultra-comprehensive diagnostics module. We particularly recommend this module to guests who are taking stock of their lives and therefore wish to undergo an extensive medical check to understand the risk factors that may affect them. This module offers the highest level of preventive medical care.

Gait analysis Park Igls health clinic Tyrol Austria


• When pain is present as you walk
• Following leg injury
• In cases of back and/or spinal injury
• Before and after surgery to the locomotive apparatus or back
• If you have received an artificial joint (hip, knee or ankle)


Gait analysis €131 pp

Your step in the right direction: sharpen body awareness and focus on your gait!