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DNA-based diagnostics makes you happy!

Good health means quality of life! The Park Igls Mayr clinic in Tyrol offers medical accompanied breaks based on healthy nutrition, conscious movement and profound regeneration – combined with traditional diagnosis according to FX Mayr.

DNA-based diagnostics intestinal flora Park Igls Mayr Clinic Innsbruck Tyrol Austria
One of the best and most efficient ways to check the state of the intestinal flora is microbiological stool analysis. According to Dr Irene Brunhuber, GP and Mayr Physician at Park Igls, it serves as a mirror of our health. ‘Stool analysis provides valuable information on intestinal conditions and thus provides an excellent basis for therapeutic proposals’, emphasises the physician. ‘Analysis discloses microbial imbalances, provides a picture of microbial biodiversity and gives us data with which we can survey the intestinal environment. In addition, examining digestive performance and the intestinal mucosa allows us to assess the immune situation in the gut.’

The general rule is: the greater the bacterial diversity, the better! There is no such thing as a positive or negative germ ¬– conditions and diversity are the key, as are the microbiome’s actual metabolic activities. Therefore, diet, probiotics and prebiotics affect all gut bacteria either directly or indirectly. Increased roughage (prebiotics) can change the microbiome, which is why a combination of pre and probiotics is recommended for successful therapeutic outcome. ‘Ultimately, everything depends on getting the composition and quantity of bacterial strains right. We rely on the results of the stool analysis to identify them’, explains Dr Brunhuber.

The most important functions of the microbiota include the utilisation of food, support of digestion, influencing the immune system, production of vital substances such as vitamin K, folic acid and other B vitamins, detoxification of foreign substances, stimulation of bowel activity, protection of the intestinal mucosa, supplying energy to the intestinal mucosa, activation of mucus production in the gut and the protection against colonisation by pathogenic germs.
Assailants of the intestinal flora include antibiotics, overuse of laxatives, nutritional imbalance or unhealthy diets, as well as infections and stress.

DNA-based diagnostics intestinal flora Park Igls Mayr Clinic Innsbruck Tyrol Austria

Metabolism & Detox

We recommend this module to guests who suffer from diabetes, high cholesterol, elevated uric acid, allergies, skin complaints and food intolerances. The chronic nature of these complaints can often be arrested by means of specific treatments, which then allows an individual’s state of health to be steered in a new and promising direction. The prerequisite is a thorough dietary and therapeutic detoxification of the body combined with active stimulation of the metabolism. The foundations of this programme rest on the results of numerous laboratory tests. Our goal is to improve your quality of life.

The Basic Programme

  • 1 bioimpedance measurement (lean tissue, water and body fat)
  • Expanded laboratory blood tests
  • 1 personal training session (50 mins)
  • 3 partial body massages (25 mins each)
  • 2 lymphatic drainages or full body massages (50 mins each)
  • 3 liver compresses with beeswax
  • 1 continuous shower massage
  • 1 metabolic detox bath

from €2,889 pp