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The secrets of hypno-acupuncture

Blending medical hypnosis and acupuncture, hypno-acupuncture is a new and effective form of therapy which can help tackle bad habits and relieve health issues.


Dr Peter Gartner, Park Igls’ Medical Director and qualified hypno-acupuncturist, explains that combining the two therapies makes them both more effective: ‘Hypno-acupuncture doesn’t just add the two components together – they seem to multiply!’

But how does it work? By targeting both the body and the mind at once. Acupuncture stimulates self-healing by focusing on specific points in the body. Whereas medical hypnosis focuses on controlled access to the subconscious to bring about positive change. Combining the two therapies into one concentrates and intensifies the results that you’d get from one alone. Patients need not worry that they’ll be put into a trance either, as medical hypnosis focuses on putting patients into an inward-looking state of deep relaxation but without any loss of control.

Hypno-acupuncture is most commonly used to help people make long-term lifestyle changes like giving up smoking or losing weight, but it can also be used for a range of other problems such as insomnia, anxiety disorders, phobias, stomach and bowel problems or chronic pain. Results are impressively fast, with it only generally taking two 60-minute sessions to change behaviour patterns or to eliminate triggers.

Hour-long hypno-acupuncture treatments at Park Igls cost €248.