COVID-19 and Modern Mayr Medicine

A healthy gut for a fighting-fit immune system.

There is always plenty of well-intentioned advice to be had on strengthening the immune system – and never more so than now, as we battle the dreaded coronavirus, COVID-19. The professional – and not-so-professional – recommendations range from alternating baths and nasal irrigation to excessive vitamin consumption. However, many ‘experts’ overlook the absolute heart of the immune system: the gut. This is where over 70% of the cells that are responsible for an intact immune system are to be found.

The small intestine produces substances that fight pathogens. In the colon, meanwhile, special white blood cells known as lymphocytes recognise harmful viruses or bacteria and produce additional immune cells to join in battle if necessary.

COVID-19 – strengthening the immune system for prevention

Imagine how powerful this special defence unit might be if it was allowed regular rest periods! A strong immune system is essential to protect against pathogens – and not just in times of COVID-19! Therapy, based on the teachings of Dr Franz Xaver Mayr with Modern Mayr Medicine’s principles of digestive regeneration, offers the gut all the time out it needs, thus sustainably and holistically strengthening your immune system.

We look forward to welcoming you back for a health boost – hopefully this will be possible in the very near future.

Until then, stay well!

Your Andrea Gnägi (Mag) and Dr Peter Gartner