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Parkinson’s starts in the gut

Two of the main principles of Modern Mayr Medicine, a healthy gut and physical exercise, play a critical role in neurological disorders. The latest scientific findings suggest that Parkinson’s disease is triggered in the gut.

Parkinson’s disease is a disorder that affects the motor system and is caused by certain structures in the brain not functioning properly. There is either a lack of dopamine, or the receptors that release this neurotransmitter are damaged. With appropriate medication, it is possible to offset the dopamine deficiency in the brain and alleviate the symptoms. However, the disease is incurable and its cause remains a mystery to this day. Scientists worldwide are working hard to find ways of diagnosing Parkinson’s in its earliest stages, in order to be able to treat it more effectively.

One approach to therapeutic intervention is to rehabilitate the gut. At our health retreat in Tyrol we believe that the cornerstone of success is to stick to the correct diet and undertake appropriate physical activity. The Parkhotel Igls’ excellent working relationship with the Innsbruck University Hospital enables us to offer first-rate diagnostic services and treatments for people with neurological complaints.

Dr Peter Gartner & Professor Gerhard Luef

In the latest issue of ParkZeit read a conversation between Professor Gerhard Luef from Innsbruck University Hospital and Parkhotel Igls’ Medical Director Dr Peter Gartner, as they discuss the potential causes and treatments of Parkinson’s, dementia and polyneuropathies.