It’s time to boost your immune system

Buttressing the immune system is important now that the days are getting shorter as the cold time of year begins. Here are a few tips from Modern Mayr cuisine.

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Spices can give our immune system a real boost, especially at this time of year. Head Chef Markus Sorg prepares Modern Mayr cuisine dishes that are alkaline, delicate and delicious. Naturally, spices play a vital role in his gourmet fasting creations as they add flavour and have excellent health benefits.

Warming dishes for the cold season

In the colder months, we instinctively lean towards warming dishes, and this is great for boosting the immune system. The right spices can further enhance the warming effect. As well as improving the flavour of a dish, spices are healthy. When used correctly, spices have wide-ranging health benefits, from cleansing the blood, to reducing inflammation, colds and fevers, as well as being antibacterial and having a warming effect. We reveal the eight immune-system-protecting spices that you can’t be without in winter:


    Turmeric stimulates the production of bile and therefore improves fat-burning.


    Galangal stimulates digestion, reduces inflammation and is antispasmodic.


    Cumin fortifies the stomach, cleanses the blood and stimulates digestion.


    Cardamom is antibacterial, detoxifying, stimulates digestion and is antispasmodic.


    Ginger regulates intestinal flora and reduces inflammation.


    Fennel seeds reduce stomach pains and sore throats and are a natural sedative.


    Cinnamon is antibacterial and reduces blood sugar levels.


    Pepper stimulates circulation.

Park Igls also offers guests cookery classes with Head Chef Markus Sorg, who is always happy to share information about Modern Mayr cuisine.

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